"I want my business to be like my '52...Old as s**t and still runnin'!"


I just want to live on the beach where the waves have no memory and the beer is cold. When I moved to Pensacola, on July 10, 2014, I came with a clear plan and vision to create a business that would keep me inside when I need to be but I want to live outside amongst you, my community. I love people, I love talking to people. I want to help - I want your life to be better because I am here. So I make t-shirts and other apparel. My designs or yours. Dedicated to The Beard, Classic Cars, Charity, Family, Respect, and Loyalty.

I drive a 1952 Ford Custom Mainline Coupe, her name is Pebbles... Miss Pensacola if you’re nasty. Sometimes I ride alone or with my high-school sweetheart Wendy; childhood friends since 1986. I am a securities investor by trade - I personally invest in a few things that mean more to me than money. So I will never sell my car, she is the staple of my business. 

“I want my business to be like my 52... Old as shit and still runnin’. “

I created Wendy’s Fund for lupus awareness. Wendy has lupus. Some of the proceeds go to the non-profit I created for her to pay her doctor visits and medicines. She has her good days and bad - but as long as she gets up and gets movin’, the fight continues. 

It starts with that first win. 

I am inspired by the inspired - motivated by the motivated... Daily.

My family, my friend, my life.

My name is Swift and I Got Deez! 

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